Trauma Exploration and Processing Therapy in New York

If you are thinking or feeling any of the following ways, trauma exploration and processing therapy might be right for you:

  • Thinking back on a past event or occurrence and feeling like something was off
  • Feeling like there are some gaps in memory around significant life events
  • Feeling repeatedly unsettled or uncomfortable in certain circumstances
  • Thinking that it might be time to feel more of a sense of closure around past traumatic events
  • Feeling like your past trauma still has too much control over your life
  • Thinking there are some events you need to process fully

Some of us may experience events that impact us emotionally and our patterns of thinking. These impacts may be as subtle as elevated heart-rate when you hear a particular sound or as explicit as changing our ability to trust ourselves or others.

The impacts of trauma like these can leave you in a dark frame of mind. You may feel anxious, depressed, or even violated somehow. These feelings can be exacerbated by familial or societal expectations, which may make you feel guilty for even having these feelings in the first place. As a result, you may feel conflicted about what you should do next.

Together, we will work through these traumatic events at a safe pace for you that allows you to fully process and accept what has happened while looking towards a happier future. We will find strategies that work for you that leave you more at ease in the moment while you sort through your thoughts and feelings about what has happened.

As someone who has been in your position before and who works with clients in a similar place in their lives as you, I know how anxiety-inducing or potentially triggering this work can seem at first. If you’re feeling ready to take that step towards a brighter future for yourself, please reach out to me for a free consultation to see if I can help you.