FAQ: My LGBTQ+ and Hispanic Affirming Therapy Practice

Here are some questions and answers addressing everything you might want to know!

How much does therapy with you cost?

I offer sliding scale therapy, with the lower end of the scale starting at $100, the higher end at $200, and the average session cost being $150. This applies to all the different types of therapy I provide.

Do you offer Pay What You Can slots?

In general, yes! I have five slots available for clients who cannot afford my standard rate to pay whatever they can! However, at the moment, they are all full. I’ll do my best to update this section whenever a slot opens up, but also feel free to ask me if any have opened up.

Do you take any insurance?

At the moment, I am paneled with Aetna Student Health. If you have a PPO insurance plan, you should be able to use your benefits with me as well. I anticipate adding more panels in the future, so stay tuned for that!

What is your average session length?

My sessions typically last 45 minutes, but can go a little longer or a little shorter depending on the tempo of the session that day.

What should I expect from our phone consultation?

The phone consultation is our initial opportunity to get to know each other and ask each other questions! I tend to ask about what is bringing you to therapy, your experiences with therapy in the past, and what you think you need from a therapist. You’re free to ask me whatever you feel would be helpful to know.

What should I expect from our intake session?

Our intake session is our opportunity to see how it feels to work together in the (virtual) therapy room together. Intake sessions can often feel like an extension of a phone consultation, with deeper exploration of goals for therapy and your personal history.

How often will we meet?

That really depends! Some clients want to meet weekly, others may choose bi-weekly. Some even choose to meet monthly! We can discuss your expectations further in our consultation and intake session.