LGBTQ+ Affirming Couples Therapy in New York

If you are thinking or feeling any of the following ways, LGBTQ+ affirmative couples therapy might be right for you:

  • Feeling like your relationship isn’t’ as satisfying anymore
  • Thinking that you and your partner(s) don’t know how to communicate effectively
  • Feeling like “the spark” between you is gone
  • Thinking that cultural differences are getting in the way of the relationship
  • Feeling like your partner(s) do(es) not understand you completely
  • Thinking that trust has been broken in some way

I specialize in supporting trans and queer-identifying couples of different sizes and compositions dealing with issues pertaining to communication, cultural differences, trust issues, decreases in intimacy, and feeling understood.

Working with me, I hope to provide a space where you all to feel heard and validated. My approach is highly collaborative and client-focused, working psychodynamically while drawing from components of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). You can anticipate setting goals and exploring actionable steps you can take to help you have a more satisfying relationship. I aspire to be the best therapist I can be for you and your partner(s) so I am always open to feedback and suggests around what you think might work best for you. 

Through our work together, I will help you heal from whatever issues you are facing. If this sounds of interest to you, please fill schedule a consultation with me today.